Commercial Cleaners – Insurance Package

Oct 27, 2021

Commercial Cleaning is a broad industry, with tasks including Office Cleans, Deep Cleans, Chemical Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Warehouse Cleaning, Shopping Centre Cleaning and Window Cleaning. It is not uncommon for Commercial Cleaners to offer services to various industries, so it is important your Insurance Program provides broad cover for the activities undertaken.

When considering an Insurance Program for Commercial Cleaning, Business Owners need to consider the following:

  • Potential Loss or Damage to Third Party Property
  • Potential Injury to Third Parties at the cleaning location
  • Damage to their Mobile Cleaning Equipment
  • Loss or Damage to Vehicles
  • Cover for their Employees / Contractors

To ensure our clients are adequately protected, Trident Underwriting has developed a Commercial Cleaners Package.

What does our Commercial Cleaners Insurance Package Cover?

The Commercial Cleaners Insurance Packages provides a variety of covers that are recommended for businesses involved in the cleaning industry. These covers include:

  • Property Damage & Theft for stock and items kept at the business premises.
  • General Property for cleaning equipment and stock used on site. Cover may be extended to include Theft without Forcible Entry
  • Public & Products Liability Common issues arising from the Cleaning Industry include slip and fall claims from public spaces (e.g. Toilets, Common Areas in Shopping Centres) or damage to Third Party Property. Third Party Property Damage can be broad, including damaging a Client’s property, to failing to secure the premises (resulting in theft). We have recently experienced a claim for a Client, where the Cleaner failed to neutralise chemicals during a clean, resulting in damage of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Loss of Keys It is essential to ensure your Insurance Package includes cover for Loss of Keys, as the costs to re-key or re-code a secure facility (e.g. Office Block, School or Shopping Centre) can be a significant cost.
  • Workers Compensation provides cover for injuries or accidents that happen to an Employee while at work. Coverage can also be extended to include Principals Indemnity and Waivers of Subrogation.
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance when taking out Motor Vehicle Insurance it is important to consider any modifications made to the vehicle, including racking, shelving, permanently fitted equipment and signage
  • Management Liability Insurance – there are a number of exposures that Commercial Cleaning Organisations and its’ Managers’ are potentially liable for. The Policy may provide coverage (including defence costs) for the following:
    • Cover for Directors or Entity – allegations of misleading and deceptive conduct in a contract negation
    • Employment Practices – include issues such as bullying, harassment or allegations of wrongful termination
    • Statutory Liability – Breaches with respect to Occupational Health & Safety or other Statutory Regulations
    • Crime – Theft of Funds or Stock by Employees
  • Cyber Liability provides cover for financial losses that result from data breaches and other cyber-attacks.
  • Legal Expenses Insurance includes cover for the cost of defending statutory or civil actions relating to issues such as WHS breaches or commercial disputes. 

Do I need Commercial Cleaners Insurance?

Whilst not all covers are legally required, we strongly recommend taking out comprehensive insurance for the above scenarios, which are common issues in the Cleaning Industry. Due to the increased exposure to public, we suggest obtaining the above insurance if you are involved in the following industry sectors:

  • Cleaning of Shopping Centres
  • Cleaning of Schools
  • Cleaning of Commercial Premises (offices, warehouses, industrial facilities, etc.)

Can your business afford:

  • The impact of a slip and fall incident by a member of the public?
  • The cost of re-keying or re-coding a large facility such as an office block, school or shopping centre?
  • The costs associated with employment disputes?
  • The costs of losing or damaging vital cleaning equipment?

How do I know what level of Commercial Cleaning Insurance I need? 

Most Commercial Cleaning businesses will require $20m Public Liability Insurance and $50m Workers Compensations Insurance (in Western Australian) at a minimum. At Trident Insurance Group we will review your overall business risk and recommend a package that suits your requirements. We have over 27 years of insurance broking experience in the Commercial Cleaning Industry, so you can trust us to protect your business.

How can I obtain an Insurance Quote?

Feel free to contact our Senior Broker, Michael Verbunt today to obtain a competitive quote for your Commercial Cleaning Insurance Package.

Michael – +61 419 919 417 or

Feel free to reach out to our insurance expert today for more information.