Insurance Solutions

Trident has experience across all forms of General Insurance, please find an overview of some these solutions available to You.

We Understand

We understand that not all companies are the same, which is why we have the same approach to arranging their insurance. Rather than purchasing an ‘off the shelf’ insurance policy, we tailor each policy in line with that particular Client’s specific risk exposures.

Commercial Property

By having the correct insurance protection for your physical assets, you will gain the financial security and the peace of mind that you need so that you can focus on what you do best – operating your business.


The risks associated with the construction industry call for specific Insurance Broking skills, which Trident specialise in offering.

Cyber Liability

Following continual ransomware, ‘Trojan Horse’ and various other cyber attacks, cybercrime is now bigger than the global illegal drug trade.

Directors & Officers Liability

For public listed companies, or private companies with a significant turnover, in order to protect their Directors and the Entity from an allegation of a wrongful act, they must consider obtaining a Directors & Officers Liability policy.

High Valued Homes

Trident can arrange a fully comprehensive Home & Contents Insurance policy that offers protection for fire, explosion, lightning or thunderbolt, theft from the home, fusion, impact, earthquake, escaping liquids and more…

IT Liability

Information Technology (IT) Liability insurance provides IT Professionals with financial protection if you fail to deliver the contractually agreed upon products and services to your customers.

Management Liability

There has never been a more challenging time to run a business. With the increasingly litigious society we live in combined with the changing regulatory environment, it is enough to keep most Company Directors awake at night.

Marine Business

Due to Trident’s long standing experience in this space, we have tailored our own policy wordings to provide each client with the greatest level of cover available.

Medical Malpractice

Trident Insurance Group are dedicated to providing Medical Professionals with a holistic insurance program which covers your practice at your time of need. We tailor each product specifically to your needs and assist you every step of the way.

Professional Indemnity

Australia is now one of the most litigious countries in the world, with claims becoming more frequent against companies and individuals who have allegedly breached their professional duty, resulting in a financial loss.

Public & Products Liability

As a business owner, you’ll understand that there is always the chance that things may not go as planned & where incidents outside of your control could occur.

Trade Credit

In its simplest form, it is a way in which companies can protect themselves if customers who owe the company money are unable or unwilling to pay.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation provides critical cover for your employees should they require medical assistance or are unable to work as a result of a workplace incident. 

Risk Management

Risk Profiling:

At Trident, we understand that not all companies are the same, which is why we must analyse each of our clients risk profile.
The benefit of doing this exercise is the following:

  • Allows each client to have a greater understanding of their inherent risk
  • Helps to differentiate the clients risk profile from their industry competitors
  • Provides the insurance market with greater confidence in the Company, by having a strong understanding of the level of risk.


Risk Framework Consulting:

In order to help our clients understand what they can do to minimise their risk, our role as Insurance Brokers has now evolved to become Risk Consultants.

Each Trident Broker has a strong understanding of what measures companies can implement, in order to decrease their level of risk.

This provides the client with the following benefits:

  • By decreasing the level of risk, this enables the Insurers to offer decreased premiums.
  • Prevents future losses from occuring.
  • Allows the client to keep up to date with recent risk management changes.


Business Interruption Reviews:

Insuring the value of building is quite simple, however insuring the correct loss of profit figure is not so simple.

Our broking team have direct access to external Forensic Accountants, who ensure each of our clients have accurately protected their potential future loss of earnings following a loss.
Business Interruption cover is designed to return the client to the original position they were in before the loss, which is why we put a strong enphasis on insuring this correctly.

Each potential loss is different, which is why we consider a wide range of loss scenarios.


Risk Reviews: Loss control programs:

It is impossible to prevent all losses from occuring, however Trident can help prevent the impact of these losses.

We do this through the following:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Incident Response Framework. For example, implementing pre agreed recovery experts, such as Injury Management Consultants or Building Repairers.


Claims Management

Claims Management:

Claims management is one of the most important elements of what we do, which is why we have streamlined this process through our immediate online lodgment portal.

Trident also have a panel of pre-agreed service providers ready to assist, whether it is an injury, accident or property damage. It is our job to return you to your pre loss position as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our Broking & Claims Team also offer the following additional services:

  •  Monthly Claims Reporting, in order to provide our clients with regular claims status updates, and also identify any possible trends occuring.
  • Strategic Claims Management, our aim is to return each client to their pre-loss position as quickly as possible, Trident has therefore implemented agreed turnaround times with each of our claims vendors.
  • Complex Claims Review Service, in the event that an insurer declines an insurance claim, Trident has had a proven track record in helping review the position of the claim, and potentially assist the client navigate the claim to a positive resolution.


Insurance Program Audit:

Trident offers prospective Clients with an obligation free insurance program audit service.

It is often hard to understand the fine print of policy wordings, so we offer to make this easier for you to comprehend.

Our review includes the following:

  • Heat map identifying any gaps in cover, or improvements we recommend
  • Detailed report on any uninsured risks identified
  • Premium benchmarking, in order to assess overall cost of insurance

This audit service proves to be a usefull offering, particularly for companies looking at mergers or aquisitions of other companies.