Public Liability Insurance Perth

As a business owner, you’ll understand that there is always the chance

that things may not go as planned & where incidents outside of

your control could occur.

Public & Products Liability Insurance

If you are a business owner, You are potentially liable for the financial loss, damage or injury sustained by another party as a result of your business’ activity or products sold/manufactured.

Public and Products Liability insurance is designed to protect You and Your business from the costs associated with a legal action, as a result of your actual or alleged negligence that has caused third party property damage or personal injury, whilst acting in the course of your business.

    What does this Insurance cover?

    A Public Liability Insurance policy will typically cover you for:

    • Injury or damage to a third party caused by your business’ activities

    • Legal representation costs incurred during the settlement of a claim

    • Damage caused by your business to someone else’s property

    • Loss and damage of goods


    Most Liability matters occur on a worksite, involving members of your staff. However, claims may also arise following the sale of your Products. If your goods are deemed to have caused loss or damage, then the Products Liability section of the policy will respond for legsal fees & settlement of the claim (if required).

    Do I need Public Liability Insurance?

    As a business owner, you have a duty of care to any third party that is associated with the business and its activities. Therefore, Public Liability Insurance is highly recommended for all business types across every industry.

    The likelihood of something happening is unpredictable and the associated legal fees that can arise when an incident occurs can be financially crippling.