Trade Credit

Protect yourself against clients not being able to pay you.

Trade Credit Insurance

What is Trade Credit insurance?

In its simplest form, it is a way in which companies can protect themselves if customers who owe the company money are unable or unwilling to pay.

There are many reasons people might not pay you – insolvency, lack of cash, or delays in them being paid themselves.

With trade credit insurance in place, companies can generally extend greater credit terms, or enter new sectors or markets. This has the impact of reducing the risk of non-payment, thereby enabling sales growth without a corresponding increase in risk.

What else can Trade Credit Insurance offer?

Trade Credit insurance is about much more than financial protection. It can provide access to highly valuable reports about the ‘health’ of the companies you are planning to do business with. Additionally, these reports provide sector insight and activity in the marketplace – all of which can enable your business to implement growth plans with confidence and remain in control of the company’s future direction. Trade Credit can free up capital which can be used for growth, making it a genuine asset for your business.

All of which means that Trade Credit insurance offers certainty in an uncertain world.

Who needs Trade Credit Insurance?

Any company that sells goods or provides services on credit terms is at risk of non-payment due to the insolvency of a key customer (liquidation, receivership or bankruptcy), payment default or continued non-payment by customers.


The Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance

  • Preserve your profit
  • Protect your liquidity and cash flow
  • Confidence to expand
  • Strengthen your credit management
  • Added security